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Our common units are listed on NYSE under the symbol DPM. For more detailed unit information, please visit our Unit Information page.
DCP Midstream, LP's general partner is owned by DCP Midstream, LLC. For more information, please see Ownership Structure.
Please see Distribution Payments for a history of paid distributions.
Non-registered ("street name") unitholders should contact their brokerage firm directly to make changes or request details about their account. Registered unitholders should contact the American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, the transfer agent, at:
Customer Service: 1-800-937-5449
You can contact us via our Information Request page.
Please see Tax Reporting Package where you can select the type of investment and then either sign up or sign in to the platform to download your K-1 form.
Please consult with your tax Advisor regarding the need to file state tax returns in other states.  Certain states require unit holders to file a tax return if the partnership operates or owns real property in that state.
DCP Midstream, LP is a publicly traded limited partnership consisting of a general partner and many limited partners (the investing public). Therefore, all income and expenses flow through to the unitholders to be reported on their individual tax returns.  The Partnership is required to file with the IRS Form 1065 that includes a Schedule K-1 for each unitholder reporting their respective tax information.  You are receiving a Schedule K-1 rather than a Form 1099 because DCP Midstream, LP is not taxable as a corporation.

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